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2204AAF International
1544ACI Services, Inc.
1628ACQUIP Powered.Empowering™
3045ACTech. North America, Inc.
1629AcuCut, Inc.
2706Adhesive Services Company
2313Advanced Compressor Technology
1428Advanced Design Technology
1709Advanced Turbine Support, LLC
2337Aerzen USA Corporation
1300Afton Pumps, Inc.
1429Aikoku Alpha Co.
2533Air Filters, Inc.
1451Air Relief
1153Alemite, LLC
2320Alfred Conhagen Inc. of Texas
1728Alta Solutions, Inc.
2023American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
2431American Spincast
2329Ameridrives Couplings
2931Anhui Line Electric Pump Co., Ltd.
2407ANSYS, Inc.
2013Ariel Corporation
2406Arland Tool & Manufacturing
2613Artec Machine Systems
1223Atlantic Group, Inc.
1537Atlantic Precision
2421Atlas Copco Gas and Process
1730BASF Corporation
1244Behsan Process Systems Ltd.
2930Best PumpWorks
2019BETA Machinery Analysis - A Wood Group Company
1207Boerger, LLC
1434BO-GE Assembly, Inc.
1528Boll Filter Corporation
1220Boulden Company Inc.
1242Bullen Pump
1301Burckhardt Compression, Inc.
2515B-W Grinding Service Inc.
2307Camfil Power Systems
2103Cascade MVS/Easy Laser
1643Cavalier Industrial Specalties
1331CFturbo SoftwareEngineering GmbH
1353Champion Hi-Tech Mfg. Co., Inc.
1253Chemical Engineering
2835Cincinnati Gearing Systems
2528COBEY, Inc.
2937Cogeneration & On-Site Power Prod. Mag.
2221Colfax Fluid Handling - Reliability Services
3028Compressor Products International (CPI)
2701CompressorTech Two Magazine
2621Concepts NREC
1742Contec GmbH, Bad Honnef
1933Continuous Control Solutions
3102Cooling Technology Institute (CTI)
2200Cooling Tower Depot, Inc.
1929Coupling Corporation of America
1235CPC Pumps International
3222Cradle North America Inc.
1635Cryostar USA LLC
2202Crystal Instruments
1229CTS, Inc.
3121D&S Engineered Products
2939D.W. Clark
2922Data Physics Corporation
2915David Brown Gear Systems
1430Dekker Vacuum Technologies
3115DESCH Canada Ltd.
1816DHB Engineering Co., LTD
1312Dickow Pump Company, Inc.
1545Diversified Manufacturing Inc
1547DongHwa Entec Co., Ltd.
1809Drake Controls
1701Durum USA
2028Eastern Alloy, Inc.
2742Ebara International Corporation, Cryodynamics Division
1631EGC Critical Components
1021EGGER TURO PUMPS North America, Inc.
2629Elliott Group
1203Empowering Pumps
2800Energy Control Technologies, Inc.
2549Energy Recovery
2722Engineering Dynamics, Inc.
1600Enpro Industries Pvt. Ltd.
2400Ethos Energy Group
1519Ex One
1732Exheat Industrial Ltd
2343F.W. Gartner
3005Faro Technologies
1031FELUWA Pumpen GmbH
2538FIMA Maschinenbau GmbH
2107Five Star Products, Inc.
2708FlexElement Texas Inc.
2813Flowserve Corporation
1431Fluid Energy Controls, Inc.
3230Fluid Sealing Association
2749Formosa Heavy Industry Corp
2544Frontline Aerospace, Inc.
1339FS-Elliott Co., LLC
1541Fusion Babbitting Co. Inc.
2401Fusion, Inc.
1641GARD Specialists Co.
1931Gartner Coatings
2829Gas & Air Systems, Inc.
2717GE Oil & Gas
3029General Atomics
2030Gore (R) Turbine Filters
2444Governor Control Systems, Inc.
2412Graham Corporation
1308Graphite Metallizing Corporation
1135GTI Predictive Technology
2021Gulf Publishing Company
2502Hahn & Clay
1502Hammelmann Corporation
2148Hangzhou Steam Turbine Auxiliary Equipment Co., Ltd.
3129Hangzhou Steam Turbine Co., Ltd.
1209HBE Engineering, Inc.
3106HBM Test and Measurement
1314Henkel Loctite Corporation
1241Hermetic Pumps Inc.
3021HFW Industries
2639High Purity Northwest
2342Hima Americas Inc.
1513Hitachi America, Ltd.
1507Hoerbiger Compression Technology
3206Hoosier Pattern Inc.
2129Houston Dynamic Service, Inc.
2831Howden North America
1703HP Lubricants
2648HPI, LLC
1113HydroTex Dynamics, Inc.
3143Hyundai Heavy Industries
3013IGW (IG Watteeuw International nv)
1409IMI Sensors
2118Industrial Info Resources, Inc.
2929Industrial Pulley Puller (IPP)
2418Industrial Reliability & Alignment
1743Ingersoll Rand
1638Integrated Power Services
1618Integrated TurboMachinery, Inc.
1802Int"l Thermal Spray Assoc
1328Isomag Corporation
1247ITT Corporation
3130JDA Global
1123Jiashan Huanqiu Mechanical Seal Factory
1535John Crane
2909Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd.
2416Keene Turbomachinery Services
1812Kelm Engineering, LLC
3032Kimura Foundry America, Inc.
2243Kinetic Traction Systems, Inc. / RBSI
2521Kingsbury, Inc.
2508Knighthawk Engineering
2537Kobelco Compressors America, Inc.
1218KRAL-USA, Inc.
1414KTR Corporation
2408KTS Turbobillet X
2020L.A. Turbine Corp.
1333Lancer Systems
1129Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp.
1119LEWA-Nikkiso America, Inc.
1149LobePro Rotary Pumps
1234LORD MicroStrain
1128Lube-Power, Inc.
2203Luneta/RCM Sales & Services, Inc
2141MAN Diesel & Turbo North America Inc.
3104Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center
1221Master Power Transmission
2619Maudlin & Sons Mfg. Co., Inc.
1619Mayekawa U.S.A., Inc.
2321Mechanical Repair & Engineering, LP
1329Mechanical Solutions, Inc.
1717Meggitt Sensing Systems
1401Meridian Equipment, Inc.
3123Metaltech Service Center
1143Mikasa Corporation
1911Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Compressor Corporation
1246Modern Pumping Today
1815Momentum Engineered Systems, Inc.
3232Nachi America, Inc.
2319Napoleon Engineering Svcs
2804National Instruments
1136National Pump Company
1029Netzsch Pumps North America LLC
1601Neuman & Esser
1322New England Braiding Company, Inc.
3007New Way Air Bearings
2737Nidec Industrial Solutions
2228Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment
3023OROS Inc.
1546Osborne Bearing Technologies
2449Pal-Con, Ltd.
3128Pantera Turbines
1539Paradigm Partners
3120PDC Machines, Inc.
1930Peerless PROCORE
1219Penglai Jinchuang, Inc.
2500Petrotech, Inc.
2300Philadelphia Gear
2643Piller TSC Blower Corp.
1646Pipe Flanges & Fittings
2206Praxair Surface Technologies
2542Precision Polymer Engineering
2301Prognost Systems, Inc.
2842Progress Pump & Turbine Services
2317ProvibTech, Inc.
1037Pump Engineer Magazine
3225Pump Turbo Central.
1318Pumps & Systems Magazine
2928PumpWorks 610
1035Putman Media
3033Pyromation, Inc.
2220Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products
3003R. Stahl, Inc.
2729Regal Power Transmission Solutions
2705Reinhart & Associates, Inc.
2122Reliable EDM, Inc.
2720Reliable Turbine Services
1106Rexnord Industries, LLC
2436RF System Lab
3101RHM Fluid Power Division of Flodraulic Group
1315Riverhawk Company
1800ROC Carbon Company
2409Rodyn Vibration Analysis
3100Rogers Equipment Sales, Inc.
2029Roper Technologies Inc.
1620Rotating Equipment Repair
2135Rotating Machinery Services, Inc.
1445Roteq Australia
1201Roth Pump Company
2420Royal Purple
2933S.T. Cotter Turbine Services, Inc.
1145Samoa Corporation
1928Schenck Balancing Diagnostic Systems
2413Schneider Electric
2649SEISA Gear, Ltd.
1100Shanley Pump & Equipment
1634Shell Lubricants
1347Shenyang Blower Works Group Corporation
1435Shin Nippon Machinery
1818SIAD Macchine Impianti S.p.A.
1713Sichuan Mianzhu Xinkun Machinery Making Co. Ltd.
1729Siemens Energy Inc.
1330Simerics, Inc.
1500Skinner Power Systems LLC
2637SoftInWay, Inc.
2529Sohre Turbomachinery Inc.
2207Solar Turbines Incorporated
1814Solberg Oil Mist Eliminators
2536Southwest Impreglon
3220SPC "Dynamics"
1335SPE - Oil & Gas Facilities Magazine
1506SpectraQuest, Inc.
1551SPP Pumps
1407SPX Flow Technology
2821SSS Clutch Company, Inc.
2532St. Marys Carbon Co.
1107Standard Alloys & Mfg. Co.
2617Statistics & Control, Inc.
3036STB GmbH
2607Stein Seal Industrial Division
2443STI Vibration Monitoring Inc.
2201Stork Turbo Blading
2844Strong Hold Products
1523Summit Industrial Products
2632Summit Staffing
2032Switch Filtration
1921Southwest Research Institute
1206T.F. Hudgins, Incorporated
1707TCR, Inc.
1116TDS Fluid Industries, LLC
1142Tech Cast LLC
1134Technogenia Inc.
1939TEEX Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service
1213Teikoku USA
2429Tern Technologies, Inc.
1940Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station
2714Texas Rotating Equipment
3043Babcock Power Inc
2718TOPS Shop Services
2628Torquemeters Limited
3037Toshiba International Corporation
2744Toyo Tanso USA
3001Tradesmen International
2101TRI Transmission & Bearing Corporation
2736Tri-Sen Systems Corporation
1806Turbo Filtration, LLC
2229TURBOCAM Int"l
2437TurboGen Consultants, Inc.
2506Turbomachinery International Publications
2501Turbomachinery Laboratory
1140Tycon Alloy Industries (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
1821United Technologies
1914Universal Plant Services
2945University of Notre Dame
2920UTC Overseas, Inc.
2712Vibrant Technology, Inc.
1801Voith Turbo Inc.
2230Watson Grinding & Mfg.
1644wattsON Power
2111Waukesha Bearings
1647WEG/Electric Machinery
1334Weir Speciatly Pumps
2439WIKA Instrument, LP
1640Wikov North America
1734Xtend Packaging, Inc.
1321York Process Systems
1851Zollern GmbH & Co. KG

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